Daily Homework

Reading Records
Daily reading at home is completed by all children.  In Reception and KS1, children are provided with appropriately levelled books to read and return.   Reception and KS1 children have a ‘Reading Record and Phonics Log’. In KS2, children are able to borrow books from their class library and/or read their own books.  In KS2 the ‘Reading Record’ is a yellow book.  Parents/carers are asked to sign and return the reading record on a daily basis to indicate reading has taken place.  Reading records are checked every day by a member of staff.  Children are expected to read every day at home for a minimum of:  Reception: 10 minutes, Y1/2: 10-15 minutes, Y3/4: 15 minutes, and Y5/6: 20 minutes.  Reading records remain in school during holiday periods.  All children can also borrow a book from the school library, which they will visit with their class.

Maths Journals
A daily ‘Maths Journal’ is completed by all children in Y1-Y6 (Y1 start in spring term).  A one-page task is completed by children on each weekday (i.e. a total of 5 pages per week).  The activities develop children’s number fluency and there is repetition of activities to consolidate understanding.  Parents/carers are encouraged to mark the maths journal with their child. Maths journals are checked every day by a member of staff and marked on a weekly basis by the class teacher. The one-page activity should take 5-10 minutes to complete each day.  The maths journals are appropriately levelled as per each child’s ability.  Maths journals remain in school during holiday periods.

Weekly Homework

Homework Books
Reception weekly homework (starting in the spring term), is completed in a homework book. The spelling and maths tasks are provided on a weekly basis. KS1&2 weekly homework is completed in a red book. The spelling and maths homework tasks are provided in the book on a half termly basis.

The homework is also available on the year group’s Fronter page: On the inside covers of the homework book are helpful hints for children to complete their homework; these may include a number-line, 100 number-square, times-tables, key words and spelling strategies. Homework books remain in school during holiday periods

Maths homework is a (i) mental practice task and (ii) practical activities, linked to topics covered in class, with challenges.  There is also a list of key maths vocabulary linked to the topic.  As the maths tasks are oral and practical, no recording of maths work is required.  The practical activities enable maths learning to take place in real life contexts and parents/carers are asked to discuss and complete at least one practical activity with their child.  Parents/carers need to sign the maths homework sheet on a weekly basis to show that activities have been completed.  The maths homework tasks are set every Friday and the homework book is due the following Wednesday, with the parent/carer signature.

Weekly spelling homework is set every Friday and is due the following Wednesday.  Spellings are linked to work covered in class.
Weekly spelling tests (linked to the homework) are completed in class between Wednesday and Friday.  The tests are completed in the back of the homework book.

For further information on your child's homework please contact the class teacher

please see homework table.pdf