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Brackenbury Primary School

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Brackenbury, Kenmont and Wendell Park

Extra- Curricular


Extra-Curricular Clubs

 We run a variety of after school extra-curricular clubs each day from 3.30pm for an hour.   Details of the clubs on offer each term are available from the school office and can be seen below.


summer term clubs 2024 26 03 24.pdf


 Summer term 2024 clubs

Music Tuition

Brackenbury works in partnership with Pelican Music who offer 1:1 music lessons to children at the school.     

Parents who are interested in signing their child up for lessons with Pelican are encouraged to read the ‘New Parent Brochure’ below and complete the online registration with Pelican on their website.   

pelican new parent brochure.pdf

Instruments on offer (Pelican)

Depending on uptake there may be a waiting list for certain instruments.     Instuments on offer at Brackenbury are:

Instrument From Year Group Instrument From Year Group
Violin / Viola Reception Clarinet Year 2
Cello Reception Flute/Fife Year 2
Guitar Year 1 Trumpet Year 2
Piano Year 1 Recorder Year 2
Trombone Year 2 Drums Year 2