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Brackenbury Primary School

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Daily Homework

The amount and type of homework set by the school varies as a child gets older.  Please see the information below for further details.

Aims and Objectives

  • To further develop effective home/school partnerships so that parents/carers and teachers are working together in the education of the children.
  • To raise achievements by consolidating and reinforcing skills and understanding in English and Maths.
  • To develop a broader understanding of topic work.
  • To raise achievements by supporting the teaching and learning taking place in the classroom.
  • To encourage pupils to develop the self-confidence and self-discipline needed to study on their own and prepare them for the requirements of secondary school.
  • To foster the development of independent study skills.
  • To provide a consistent and regular programme of homework.
  • To make the guidance clear so that all staff, pupils and parents/carers know what they need to do to ensure a consistency of approach throughout the school.

Homework General Procedures

  • Homework will be set in the reception classes, Key Stage 1 and 2.
  • The days when it will be set and when it needs to be returned will be made clear to all parents/carers at the beginning of each term in the homework book.
  • Homework is based on reading, spelling and maths work.
  • Homework directly relates to class work and topic homework is shared half termly in classes and in assemblies.
  • Homework is assessed by the class teacher on a weekly basis.
  • Wherever necessary homework is differentiated to meet the needs of individuals.
  • Teachers keep a record of those children who return their homework on time and inform parents/carers when homework is not being completed.
  • Teachers inform parents/carers about how their child is performing with their homework as part of the parent/teacher consultations at open evenings.

Reading Records

Daily reading at home is completed by all children. 

In Reception and KS1, children are provided with appropriately levelled books, matched to their phonological knowledge, to read and return.   All pupils have a reading record.  Parents/carers are asked to sign and return the reading record on a regular basis to indicate reading has taken place. Reading records are checked weekly by a member of staff.


Children are expected to read every day at home for a minimum of:

  • Reception: 10 minutes
  • Y1/2: 10-15 minutes
  • Y3/4: 15 minutes
  • Y5/6: 20 minutes

Reading records remain in school during holiday periods.  All children can also borrow a book from the school library, which they will visit with their class. Children in Reception and Year 1 also have access to the Oxford Owl e-book library where they can access texts linked to their phonological understanding.

All children can also borrow a book from the school library, which they will visit with their class. These must be returned by the end of each term.

Weekly Homeowrk

Homework Books

Reception weekly homework is completed in a home learning book.  Focused phonics tasks and suggested tasks linked to the theme of learning. It is not mandatory.

KS1&2 weekly homework is completed in a red book.  The spelling homework task are provided in the book on a weekly (KS1) or half termly (KS2).

On the inside covers of the homework book are helpful hints for children to complete their homework; these may include a number-line, 100 number-square, key words and spelling strategies. Homework books remain in school during holiday periods.


Maths homework is found on a website called Times Tables Rockstars.

All children from y1 to y6 have a log in for this.  The maths tasks are set by the class teacher, but parents and pupils can select particular multiplication tables and division facts to focus on.  As the maths tasks are online, no recording of this maths work is required.  Parents/carers are asked to discuss and engage with the tasks with their child.  The website has a teacher’s platform, where it is possible to see who has/has not completed the tasks set for the week. There are class and school based competitions linked to pupil usage and the school has special certificates for pupils, and classes, who are utilising the platform regularly. Children in year 2 to year6 will also have some additional maths tasks, each half-term, linked to multiplication fluency that they can complete in their homework books.   



Weekly spelling homework is set every Friday and is due the following Wednesday.  Spellings are linked to work covered in class.

Weekly spelling tests (linked to the homework) are completed in class between Wednesday and Friday (From Spring term in Year 1).  The tests are completed in the back of the homework book. Years 2 – 6 use word lists which reflect spelling patterns outlined in the National Curriculum

In Years 5 and 6, a weekly reading comprehension task is completed in the homework books.


Memorable ways to remember tricky spellings

Mnemonics, acronyms and other ingenious strategies have been devised to help children (and adults) remember and learn the spellings of over 100 tricky words.  

This list has been compiled from various sources, including contributions from governors, staff, parents and pupils.

Please click here.

Termly Creative Homework Project

Creative Homework Project - Reception, KS1 and KS2 projects are completed once per term. 

Projects in Reception are optional but are compulsory in KS1 & 2.  A project ideas sheet is provided in the homework book and is based on a topic being covered in class.  The project can be presented in any format, e.g. handwritten, word-processed, a 3D model etc. 

Projects are submitted during the first week of the second half term to be shared with the class and year group in KS2.  In Reception and KS1 projects are shared through a ‘project walk’ across the year groups. 

For further information on your child’s homework, please contact the class teacher.